Herringbone tiling ideas for the kitchen

Herringbone tiling

Tiling in the kitchen is an important consideration. You take the time to choose the right cabinets and fixtures, with the right design and look for your room. So you should do the same for your kitchen tiling. Especially as tiling is essential for creating a cohesive style across your kitchen. For example, a space with contemporary design features would be disadvantaged by the addition of traditional, patterned tiles. One of the most effective tiling layouts is the herringbone pattern, and this can be used effectively in kitchens that are both traditional and contemporary. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts, and this is our guide to herringbone tiling ideas for the kitchen.

Herringbone tiling ideas for the kitchen

Herringbone tiling involves using large rectangular tiles, or even subway tiles, and arranging the first tile at a 45 degree angle. The short end of the second tile should then be positioned against the long end of the first tile, and the pattern continues from there. This can bring a range of advantages to your kitchen, including:

  • Kitchen splashback- to create a stylish area around your kitchen sink, or above the hob, the herringbone tiling layout could be a great option. Why not use a contrasting grout colour to create a tiling feature that really stands out, or use alternating tile colours? For a more subtle look, all white tiles can be effective, and these can be combined with a darker grout colour.
  • Kitchen flooring- the herringbone tiling layout can be used to create a stunning and attractive kitchen floor feature. Why not use timber effect tiles to create this layout, for a natural and timeless effect, that suits both contemporary and traditional spaces?

Why not take a look at our range of tiles today, here at Tiles 2 Go, and see how you can create a herringbone tile design that works for you?