How to tile over vinyl

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Everyone will agree that tiles are a much better flooring option than vinyl. In fact, tiles are the perfect flooring option. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we certainly think so. But did you know, you can actually tile over vinyl floors? This is our guide to help you tile over vinyl.


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Backer board

To help you tile over vinyl, use a backer board. Vinyl is a soft material. Installing tiles onto a backer board, rather than straight onto the vinyl is better practice. This is because tiles need to absorb pressure, and a soft surface makes that more difficult. Once the room is cleared, and the floor cleaned, your first step will be to install the backer board.

Install the backer board on the floor surface

Begin by measuring the area you are tiling and install the amount of backer board you need. You’ll have to use a saw to cut the backer board around fittings like sinks and showers.

Next, create a thinset mortar and use the notched edge of the trowel to spread this over the floor. Install the backerboard on top of this thinset mortar.

Leave a gap of 3-4 mm between backer board pieces and fittings as you install the rest.

Install the tiles on top of the backer board

Begin by wetting the backer board using a towel. This will prevent the mortar from setting too quickly, so you can make adjustments to your tiles.

Mark a centre line using a pencil. Then spread the thinset mortar along this line. Install the first tile on this centre line by pressing gently to secure it in place.

Next, use spacers to separate your first tile from the next and repeat the process.

Allow at least 24 hours for the thinset mortar to dry. When it has dried completely, you can remove the spacers and prepare to grout.

Install the tile grout on the tiled floor

Begin by using a clean trowel and apply the grout to the gaps between tiles. Use the same amount of grout between each tile for a smooth finish. Wipe away any smudges as you go with a damp cloth.

When the grout has set, the final step is to install caulk. This should be added between the tiles and the fittings. It provides additional waterproofing.

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