Inspiring backsplash ideas

Kitchen backsplash areas around the sink or above the cooker are a great way to incorporate wall tiles in your kitchen design, and physically break up the colour scheme to make your kitchen stand out. Using tiles in this area is great for hygiene as they can easily be washed and wiped clean, no matter what may splash from your cooker or sink. Untiled areas of wall in these areas may mould or stain with various splashes so to keep your kitchen clean and vibrant, tiled backsplash areas are a great choice. Here at Tiles 2 Go we have a vast range of experience, so here are our top backsplash ideas.

Subway tiles

Stay simple for your backsplash with white subway tiles. Plain white and elegant, subway tiles can really bring out the features and colours of your kitchen. A white tile can make your kitchen look impeccably clean and welcoming, and can also help reflect the light in kitchens that may be small or dark.

Coloured tiles

Go bold with a bright colour for your backsplash. This works best in an otherwise one colour kitchen, particularly either black or white. The colour can draw the eye and provide a feature wall for your kitchen.

Marble effect

Use marble tiles to create a timeless finish in your kitchen. The marble can complement the pattern of the worktop and add to a feeling of increased space. Plus, who can resist marble? You can also get a similar effect with soapstone.

Mosaic tiles

Using small mosaic tiles might take some work, but the effects speak for themselves. Shades of white or pearl, or bright and colourful, whether it’s contemporary or traditional, a mosaic backsplash can suit any kitchen style.

Tile arrangement

Using small square tiles instead of the traditional rectangle can give your kitchen a contemporary feel, especially when these are arranged diagonally, rather than horizontally. This simple trick for tile arranging can draw the eye and makes an interesting feature for your backsplash.

If your kitchen is ready for a makeover, check out our range of tiles today.