Kitchen floor tiles


Durable, versatile, and stylish, floor tiles for the kitchen are a popular choice. In fact, here at Tiles 2 Go, we would argue they are a necessity. No other flooring option will provide the same level of benefit, then tiles. As tiling experts, we have produced this guide to outline some of the benefits of kitchen floor tiles.


While carpet will gather dirt and bacteria, and laminate will scuff and mark, tiles are durable and low maintenance.

Other flooring options may lead to expensive and time consuming cleaning routines. However, tiles are incredibly easy to maintain. A simple wipe will remove built up dirt, and stainproof grouting will keep your tiling looking fresh.

This can make a huge difference to your kitchen overall. After all, if your tiling is well maintained, your kitchen will look newer for longer.


Tiles in the kitchen are a great option because they are waterproof. No other flooring type will keep out spillages the same way that tiles do.

This also makes it really easy to mop up spillages and keep your kitchen clean and tidy.

Environmentally friendly

Tiles are made from abundant materials like glass, clay, stone, and sand. This means that tiling your kitchen floor has less of an environmental impact than wooden floors.

In addition, tiles are a great way to insulate your floor. This helps keep your whole house warmer and use less energy.


Renovating or redecorating your kitchen can be costly. However, floor tiles are surprisingly affordable. Tiles differ in quality and standard, so of course you will find expensive tiles. However, most floor tiles make for an amazing and low cost option. Impressive when you think of the durability, minimum maintenance, waterproofing, and minimal environmental impact.

In summary

Floor tiles in the kitchen not only look great, but they are incredibly practical. The low levels of maintenance involved for floor tiles make them an easy option, while also remaining durable and waterproof. Tiles themselves are an environmentally friendly option when compared to carpets and wooden floors. Finally, tiles are incredibly affordable. Why not take a look at our range of kitchen floor tiles today, here at Tiles 2 Go?