How to make the most of hexagonal tiles


Available in a range of colours, styles, patterns and finishes, the variety of hexagonal tiles has greatly increased over the last year as designers have recognised not only the growing popularity but also the usability of the hexagonal tile. Here at Tiles 2 Go we are strong advocates of the hexagonal tile and the adaptability and flexibility of the design. This is our guide to help you make the most out of hexagonal tiles.


Charismatic and unique, hexagonal tiles used in any room of the house can make a huge impact on the visual appeal and can help towards creating a stunning space. Choosing one colour for the whole space is a common design choice, but hexagonal tiles in similar tones can also look beautiful. Selecting a similar colour grout is a subtle way to keep the finish classy and elegant, but a contrasting grout can add a different dynamic to the finish, helping to make the shape and tiling scheme stand out. Dynamic and stunning, white hexagonal tiles with black grout can be a practical way to mask discoloured grout on a kitchen or bathroom splashback, where blackened grout can ruin the effect or finish of your tiling.


Using hexagonal tiles to create patterns, such as simple geometric flowers with contrasting colours, can be a simple way to turn an otherwise dull space into a remarkable visual feature. This is most effective as floor tiling, although some smaller hexagonal tiles arranged into patterns can make an astonishing wall covering.

Not only can you arrange the tiles into different patterns, but some hexagonal tiles themselves are patterned. Although patterned tiles can be seen as old fashioned, over the past year there has been a big resurgence in these tiles and tiles with patterns can be very effective in even the most modern of homes. Simple patterns on hexagonal tiles, coupled with one colour rectangular tiles, can be a great way to add character to your kitchen or bathroom.


Hexagonal tiles, just like regular rectangular tiles, are available in a range of finishes including stone effect and wood effect. This adds a whole new dynamic to tiling choices and is a great way to combine modern design styles with an interesting tile shape.

In summary

You can make the best use of your hexagonal tiles by combining tile and grout colour with careful consideration, using patterned hexagonal tiles or using hexagonal tiles to create a pattern, or by selecting an unusual finish. If you are ready to view hexagonal tiles, why not check out our range at Tiles 2 Go today.