How to make a tile feature

kitchen tiles

Making a feature from tiles can create a stunning visual effect within your home. Using textured or coloured tiles can break up the dynamic of a simple plain tiled room and is a very versatile way to create a feature. Here at Tiles 2 Go we not only have a vast range of tiles, but we also have 20 years of experience. So here are our tips for creating a tile feature.

Floor or Wall?

if your planning to use tiles to create a feature then you should consider whether this will be through the use of floor tiles or wall tiles. Arguably, wall tiles are the more common method of breaking up a dull tiled room with colour segments or areas, but floor tiles can also be used to create stunning visual effects.

Wall Tile Feature

For panels or borders behind a bath, sink, cooker or around a fireplace, tiles in colours that suit but contrast with the colour scheme in the rest of the room can be a beautiful way to bring out the character in an otherwise plain room, and can really add a touch of fun or elegance depending on your own personal style. Mosaic tiles can be used to amazing effect especially in the bathroom. Behind the bath or perhaps in the shower quadrant, a mosaic can reflect your own personal tastes and vision. For example, a glossy black tile used over the bath to create a spiral in the centre of an otherwise white bathroom can take an ancient tiling technique and couple it with the modern simplistic style.

Floor Tile Feature

For use mainly in the kitchen, bathroom or outside, floor tiles can be used to make a breath-taking visual feature. Choosing the shape and size of your tiles is important in terms of arranging and structuring your design, and with the variety of floor tiles now on offer, the range of shapes you can use to create your desired effect is ever growing. Although wall tiles are often used to create a feature around a fitting or appliance, floor tiles don’t have to be restricted to this and so to create a feature from floor tiles you can choose the centre of the room for a shape or pattern, or use a patterned tile around the edges of a room. You also have the option for a mosaic to be created using the floor tiles, and this works to good effect especially outside.

Tiling features can be impressive and really help your kitchen, bathroom or living space to make a statement. For more information, or to get started on your own feature, contact us today.