Measuring for wall tiles

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When it comes to tiling, you need to make sure you get a professional finish. This means that your tiles need to be measured evenly and distributed evenly across your tiling space. When you measure for wall tiling, you can’t take shortcuts with the process. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling professionals, and we have produced this guide to measuring for wall tiles.

Gather the correct equipment

You need to collect the correct equipment before you think about measuring for wall tiles. This will include the wall tiles you want to use, as well as the tape measure or rule you will use for measuring the space.

Have the tiles ready

You need to have already chosen the tiles you want to apply, before you begin measuring. This is because you will need to know the exact tile size, before you measure. Even a couple of mm can make a big difference to the final effect.

Before measuring

Before you begin measuring, you will need to ensure that the wall area is flat, and exactly how it will be when tiling. If not, your calculation will not be exact, it will be more like an estimate. And that just isnt enough to be useful. In fact, it could cost you both time and money.

Measuring for wall tiles

Measure the whole area you want to tile, both vertically and horizontally. Once you know the size of the horizontal area, you can divide this by the size of the tiles, and the space needed for your grout lines, to work out how many tiles you need. If there are half tiles or part tiles needed, count them as a whole. Do the same for the vertical number of tiles, then times them both together to get your total tile amount.

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