Mosaic tiling in the contemporary kitchen

Mosacio Rodano Caliza 316x592

When you think of mosaics you would be forgiven for thinking only of the Greek and Roman empires. But mosaics have really stood the test of time. And while the ancient mosaics may have joined tiles to create elaborate artwork and images (we’ll stick with the smartphone camera thanks!) they can still be incredibly relevant in even the most contemporary of spaces. Take the contemporary kitchen for example. Handle-less, smooth and curved, but what about the tiling? Opt for something too plain and you risk looking clinical, but something too patterned can ruin the effect. Well, here at Tiles 2 Go, we think that mosaic tiling in the contemporary kitchen is a fantastic idea. Here’s why.

Shaped tiles

A mosaic tiling piece no longer has to create a work of art or an image. Instead, it can take the form of a pattern. This is where shaped tiles come in. From triangles to hexagons, shaped tiles are on trend and in fashion. And they also tessellate in such as way that tiling patterns can easily be achieved. Especially when colour and shade are used. For example:

  • A splash-back zone created with triangular tiles of different shades in your secondary colour can be incredible. Especially when arranged in a fade out, aligning the colour to move from bold to pale.
  • A wall tiled with hexagonal tiles can be a fantastic feature wall. This will be even more effective if a contrasting grout colour is used, to create a honeycomb pattern overall.

Coloured tiles

As you can see, colours are incredibly important when it comes to decorating your space. Especially in a contemporary kitchen where you will only use 2 or three colours for your colour scheme. The primary colour will be the majority of the kitchen, while the secondary colour may only be used on the cupboards on one wall, for example. But this concentrated colour lends itself perfectly to mosaic tiling. For example:

  • Using small mosaic tiles to create a splash-back might not seem like a contemporary tiling idea, but when you use only the secondary colour it can really highlight your use of design principles and colour throughout the kitchen.
  • Alternatively, using two contrasting colours to create a mosaic feature can be equally effective. However, in a contemporary kitchen you may be restricted to only monochrome. While this removes the colour choices, the results can be visually stunning.

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