Effective design options for hexagonal wall tiling


Choosing the right tiles for any space can be difficult. From the colour to the style, even the shape of the tiles can be important. In fact, hexagonal tiling is one option that emphasizes the shape of the tile, and creates stunning visual patterns in any space. For wall tiling especially this can be very effective. But what are the different options for hexagonal wall tiling? Well, here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about hexagonal wall tiling.

What are the effective design options for hexagonal wall tiling?

There are a number of different effective options for using hexagonal wall tiling. These include:

  • Using natural effect hexagonal tiles- stone effect or timber effect tiles can be applied effectively to the walls of any space. This not only brings the calm, tranquil effect of the natural materials, but unlike rectangular or square tiles, this also adds visual interest. This can be effective in any space, contemporary or traditional.
  • Using small hexagonal tiles as a mosaic- using small hexagonal tiles in a small space, like for a bathroom or kitchen splash-back, can be very effective. This involves using smaller mosaic style hexagonal tiling to create a stunning visual effect. You can even create a fade effect with tiles that are a different shade of the same colour, moving from one shade to another across or down the wall.
  • Using a different coloured grout- using a grout colour that contrasts with the colour of the hexagonal tiles can be very effective. This can emphasize the shape of the tiles themselves, and create a stunning pattern for any space. This is effective for contemporary kitchens, bathrooms and hallways.

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