Options for refreshing bathroom tiling

Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling professionals. From floor tiles to wall tiles, tiling features to tiled wetrooms, we have something to suit every room, and every home. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about refreshing your bathroom tiling easily and effectively.

What are the effective options for refreshing bathroom tiling?

Bathroom tiling can become tired or worn over time and this can have a negative impact on  your bathroom overall. To refresh your bathroom tiling there are a number of straight forward and effective options to choose from. These include: 

  • Creating a feature wall- changing the tiles on just one wall, or even in just one area of the bathroom can have a powerful visual impact on the space, transforming this into a feature space to grab attention and define the interior design style. From patterned tiles to shaped tiles there are a wide range of effective options available depending on the design theme of your bathroom and your design preferences. You can even just use a different tiling colour to create visual contrast and interest.
  • Use different shades of grout- if your grouting needs redoing why not opt for a different grout colour? This can define the shape of the tiles and create contrast between the tiles and the grout lines for a striking visual effect that will transform any space. Choosing just one wall of the bathroom to do this with can be a more subtle way to add this to your bathroom space and create an effective tiling feature wall.
  • Changing the floor tiles- the floor has a big visual impact on any bathroom. The colour and tone can play a role in how bright and light the room is, while the pattern and style can impact the style and interior design of the space. As a result, by replacing your floor tiling you can refresh your bathroom and breathe new life into this.

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