Pastel tiles for kitchens

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Tiling in the kitchen is incredibly popular. From splashbacks, to feature walls, to tiled floors, kitchen tiling is a hygienic and stylish way to decorate. But, when it comes to making decisions about tiling colours, many people choose the obvious or popular colours. If you want to make a statement, why not try something different? Here at Tiles 2 Go we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to using pastel tiles in the kitchen.

Why pastels?

Pastel colours are pale enough to be non-obtrusive, yet coloured enough to be visually interesting. So, swap those white or cream tiles for pastel green or blue, and make your kitchen feel more personal and interesting.

Using pastel tiles in the kitchen

Using pastel tiles in the kitchen

  • Pink pastels– Delicate and soft, pink pastels are fantastic for creating a calming environment. Team pink pastel tiles with greys and chrome for a fantastic and stunning contrast, or pair them with whites and creams for a peaceful space
  • Pastels and textures– Using different textures in your kitchen, such as timber effect tiles, or natural stone can be an amazing way to allow pastel tiles to shine.
  • Pastels and patterns– Patterned pastel tiles can be an incredible way to add style to your splashback or feature wall. This is especially true if the colour compliments your primary kitchen colour. Consider blue or green pastels, to compliment your colour scheme.
  • Darker pastels– If soft and pale isn’t really your thing, why not think about darker pastel shades. These can be bold and help make a statement, especially on a feature wall. Darker pastel shades are perfect for creating a sophisticated kitchen with a contemporary edge. From reds to blues, darker pastels can suit all color styles.

If you are ready to begin you tiling project, take a look at what we have to offer here at Tiles 2 Go.