Patterned tiles and layout options for the conservatory

Tiles in the conservatory can be both very practical and visually effective. They are naturally waterproof and can help bridge the gap between the outside and the inside with style. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts and this is our guide to everything you should know about the different patterned tiling and layout options for the conservatory.

What are the most effective patterned tiles and layout options for the conservatory?

For tiling your conservatory there are a wide range of options available. You could choose timber or stone effect tiles for a natural, neutral look, but you could also opt for patterned tiles, or unusual tiling layouts, to give your conservatory additional character. In fact, there are a number of popular and effective patterned tiling and layout options for any conservatory, including:

  • The basket-weave layout- the basket weave tiling layout is a more intricate tiling option for rectangular tiling with two adjacent tiles positioned vertically, next to two tiles positioned horizontally, alternating across the space. The ultimate effect is that a total of eight rectangular tiles are positioned to make a large square, adding visual interest to any conservatory. This can be achieved with tiles in a range of styles and designs including neutral and natural tones.
  • Geometric tiles- tiles with a geometric pattern, or tiles with a more unusual shape, such as hexagonal or triangular tiles can be very effective for making a bold statement in any space including the conservatory. For shaped tiles you can consider using an alternative or contrasting grout colour which will define the shape of the tiles and create a striking visual effect. Geometric patterned tiles are also a popular option.

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