How can tiling changes transform your kitchen?

Giving your kitchen a refreshing makeover can be a great way to change styles and add your own design personality to the space. But this doesn’t need to be a full renovation. In fact, there are some simple tiling changes that you can make to breathe new life into your kitchen. And it can also be the perfect DIY project. But how can tiling changes transform your kitchen? And what kind of results can you expect?

So how can tiling changes transform your kitchen?

Some simple tiling changes with a dramatic impact can include:

  • Replacing tiles on one wall- create a feature wall of style and visual character with tiles that suit the style you want to create. Whether it’s traditional floral patterned tiles, abstract geometric patterns, or high gloss tiles of a different colour, this strategy can be a simple way to refresh and revamp your kitchen, without needing to completely renovate.
  • Replacing splash-back tiles- the splash-back tiles are another option for some homes. In kitchens where the splash-back tiles feature between the upper and lower cabinets across the kitchen, this is probably not a practical option. But for kitchens with a splash-back area only around the sink or oven, this can be an easy way to refresh your kitchen. The tiles in this space can be used to create a feature that captures the style or theme you are aiming to create.
  • Re-grouting- if you don’t want to change the tiles at all, but do want a more modern finish in your kitchen, why not consider re-grouting? If you use a different grout colour to the one in place already, that contrasts with the tiling colour, you can create a modern effect that really accentuates the shape of the tiles.

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