Simple ways to tile your bathroom

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From the largest bathroom, to the smallest, tiles make the best possible wall and flooring option. But with so many different types of tile to choose from, and such a wide array of tiling patterns that can be effective, how do you know what to go with? Well, whichever tiles you choose, you should consider the style of the room. Is it contemporary, or traditional? This will help to determine your colour choices and style choices. And from there, you can consider the range of additional options. And if you want to keep it simple, we have the perfect guide for you. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. And we have produced this guide to simple ways to tile your bathroom.

Simple ways to tile your bathroom

Tiling your bathroom doesn’t have to be all about features, patterns and layouts. Instead, you can always choose to keep your bathroom simple. This could include:

  • using straight lay rectangular or square tiles
  • using one row of different coloured tiles to create a border
  • using diagonal tiling

Straight lay tiling

As simple as it sounds, straight lay tiling simply involves laying each tile next to the other. With no fancy layout or pattern involved. This can be very effective and understated, although it wont help you draw attention to any special features. It also mean your floor and walls can being to merge together a little bit. To counter this, you could use a slightly different shade for the floor and walls. Just make sure the two colours are complementary.

Border tiles

To liven up your straight lay tiling, you could add a single row of border tiles. Either vertical or horizontal, simply lay one row of tiles in a complementary colour. This will break up your bathroom and add a bit more visual interest.

Diagonal tiling

If straight lay is a little too boring, why not turn your square tiles 45 degrees and tile your room with a diagonal pattern? You can even use a contrasting grout colour to help your tiles stand out.

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