Using square tiling in the bathroom

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When considering your bathroom tiling, the simple square tile is something you should give some serious thought to. Although this tile is simple, it can be installed in a variety of different tiling layouts and patterns, and there are a range of colours to choose from. In fact, square tiling for the bathroom is one of the most popular tiling trends currently. So how can you use square tiling to attract attention and create focal points for your bathroom? And what are the effective options for using square tiling in the bathroom?

What are the effective options for using square tiling in the bathroom?

To really make the most of square tiling in the bathroom, you should consider:

  • Using an unusual layout
  • Creating areas of contrast
  • Floor and wall tiling

Square tiling with an unusual layout

A brick bond layout is usually associated with rectangular subway or metro tiles. But square tiles can be applied in this same layout. And this can be a good way to generate visual interest with square tiling. Why not use an alternate grout colour to really help the layout stand out?

Alternatively, you could opt for a diagonal tiling layout, by turning the square tiles at a 45 degree angle. This can be just as visually attractive.

Creating areas of contrast

If you want to create focal areas in your bathroom, you need to create areas of visual interest. This can be achieved by creating contrast, through the use of different colours in a certain section, like border tiles, or by changing the tiling layout for a feature wall. You could also opt for using patterned tiles, to contrast with plain tiles, to create a visual feature. This is important as tiling your whole bathroom in square tiles can be quite plain and boring, without the areas of contrast for visual interest. It also helps to add personality and style to your bathroom.

Floors and walls

In the bathroom, square tiles can be used effectively for both the floor and the walls. You should consider altering the tiling layout for one or the other, to create a visual difference between the two surfaces.

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