Options for textured wall tiling

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From the living room to the bathroom, to the kitchen, textured tiles can be a highly effective option throughout your home. These can be used as wall or floor tiles depending on the type and style of the tiles. But how can you use these effectively to create the best possible visual effect? And what are the different options for textured wall tiling?

What are the different options for textured wall tiling?

Textured wall tiling can bring a range of advantages and benefits to a range of spaces throughout the home, including the kitchen, hallway and the bathroom. But what are the different options for using these effectively? Well, there are several, including:

  • Combining textured and plain tiling- by combining plain and textured tiles you can create subtle visual contrast in any room, which can help to create a key design feature. this could be achieved by creating just one area of textured tiles, in a room of otherwise plain tiling. Or by alternating tile types, or even using textured tiles for border tiles. Whichever option you choose, consider the style and design of your space overall, and choose the option that will be best suit your design style.
  • Textured tile design- there are a range of different design options for textured tiles. These range from patterned tile designs to stone or timber effect textured tiles. Different styles can be used effectively in different spaces. For example, a rustic kitchen or a traditional bathroom might benefit from textured brick effect ties, while a contemporary bathroom might be better suited to a texture that is more subtle.

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