Luxurious tiling choices for any bathroom

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A luxurious, spa-like bathroom, is something we can all dream off. But if you want to create a bathroom like this for your home, you’ll need to make some serious design choices. From the style of the bath itself, to the shower enclosure and sink fixture, each part of your bathroom needs to be designed with luxury in mind. And this includes the choice of tiles. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. And we help homeowners and property developers choose the perfect tiles for any theme or style, in any room. As a result, we have produced this guide to the tile choices for a luxurious bathroom.

What are the most popular luxurious tiling choices for any bathroom?

There are many different tile choices you can opt for, to create a bathroom that oozes spa like quality. These include:

  • Marble effect tiles- you cant get much more luxurious or elegant than marble. But pure marble tiles are a nightmare in any wet environment. That’s because they are not naturally impervious. And as a result, water can cause a lot of damage. But marble effect tiles have the same physical presence and qualities as marble, but with the added bonus of being water resistant. And cheaper! So yo can tile your bathroom in marble effect tiles to truly create a spa like space.
  • Timber effect tiles- for your floor tiles, you could consider timber effect tiles. Designed to look like hard wood flooring, these tiles are stunning in any room. And in the bathroom, they add a touch of luxury.
  • Stone effect tiles- why not tile your shower enclosure in stone effect tiles? Designed to look like natural stone, like slate, you can create a stunning, powerful and elegant space that really creates a luxurious and relaxing feel.

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