Choosing tiles for black kitchen suites

Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about the range of tile choices for black kitchen suites.

Important considerations when choosing tiles for black kitchen suites

Black kitchens can be incredibly stylish and filled with character. But they can also be quite dark. This is something you should consider when thinking about the colour and style of tiles to use. You could consider:

  • using white tiles
  • using neutral tiles
  • using a bold, bright colour

Using white tiles in black kitchens

Black and white create a striking contrast, but they are also the perfect partners. Why not use white wall tiles, around your black cabinets to create a stunning and contemporary effect in your kitchen? This will have the added advantage of brightening up your space too, and providing light to balance the dark. White embossed tiles or textured tiles can be the perfect for wall tiling in black kitchens, and a high gloss finish can be beneficial too.

Using neutral tiling colours in black kitchens

You should probably avoid the browns and beiges when working with black kitchen cabinets, and instead opt for colours that resemble natural stone, like greys and creams. For the floor tiles, darker greys could be effective, especially if you are concerned about marks or stains.

Bold tiling colours in in black kitchens

To create a tiling feature in your black kitchen suite, you could consider adding a bold, vibrant colour, like red or blue. This would give your black kitchen suite a quirky and unusual edge. However, you should probably keep the colour to one area, wall or section to avoid creating an overwhelming effect.

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