Tile cutting


It is more than likely that any tiling work you are undertaking will involve cutting tiles to size to fit around pipes, corners, or windows. Here at Tiles 2 Go we know how disappointing it can be to not be able to complete your tiling because one section or even just one tile will need cutting to fit. To prevent this disappointment, this is our guide to tile cutting using a tile scribe.

Safety considerations

Tile scribes are sharp tools so always keep them out of the way of children and take care when using the tool. For your own comfort, you may wish to use knees pads or a kneeling mat when cutting tiles on the floor.

What is a tile scribe?

A tile scribe is one of the easiest to use tile cutting tools and is also one of the cheapest options available. It has a hardened tip to cut through the glaze easily and cleanly leaving a clean cut.

How to use a tile scribe

You should always begin by measuring the gap or space you need to fill, be it around a corner, window, or pipe. Take note of this measurement and use a rule to draw a line across the tile along the angle of measurement. Remember, depending on the width of your grouting, a few millimetres will be shaved off this measurement to leave space on one or both sides of the tile to allow for the grouting. At this point accuracy is very important as you won’t want to waste a tile by getting the measurements wrong.

Once you have measured the tile, leave your rule in line with the measurement and hold the tile scribe against the rule. with enough pressure to score through the glaze, drag the tile scribe along the length of the tile, scoring a clean and neat line in one movement. It is vital to get a precise cut as a wonky or lopsided cut will ruin your tile and take you more time and possibly money to complete your tiling.

Finally, place a pencil underneath the scored line and press down on either side of the tile. The tile should easily break in two.


Although using a tile scribe will cut cleanly through the tile, you will need to file down the edges of the tile for a smooth finish.

In summary

Tile scribes are one of the cheapest and easiest tools for cutting tiles. Having said that, accuracy and precision are essential when using this tool to ensure that you get the finish you desire. Why not check out our range of tiles today?