Tiles for a warm kitchen

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From contemporary kitchens, to rustic, country kitchens, there are a huge number of kitchen themes and styles. But whichever kitchen is perfect for your home, it needs to be a warm and welcoming space. So how do you create warmth in a kitchen? Well, here at Tiles 2 Go, we’d say it’s all down to the tiles. As Preston’s leading tiling experts, we know how important tiling choices are for any room, in any home. The right tiles will set the atmosphere and the tome of the kitchen. Which means they can add warmth to any kitchen. As a result, we have produced this guide to tiles for a warm kitchen.

Tiles for a warm kitchen

To create a warm and welcoming environment, there are two things you should consider. These are:

  1. tile colour
  2. tile texture

Tiles for a warm kitchen

Tile colour

If you want tiles to bring warmth, you should choose warm colours. Floor tiles are especially important for setting the tone of the kitchen, as the majority of the wall tiles are overshadowed by the cabinets. So choose floor tiles in warm colours, like:

  • reds, burgandies and terracottas- this can be perfect for a traditional or a rustic country kitchen
  • beiges and browns- neutral colours can still bring warmth, as long as they are paired with the right units. And neutral colours can be very effective for contemporary kitchens.

Tile texture

In addition to the tile colour, the tile texture is also important when choosing tiles for a warm kitchen. You might consider:

  • timber effect tiles or stone effect tiles- Natural effect tiles can be very effective at adding the texture of hard wood, or stone, to a room. And this also brings a warm and welcoming touch.
  • textured tiles- tiles with a lot of texture can break up the surface of a room, and add warmth

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