Tiling options for your kitchen splashback

When it comes to your kitchen splashback, tiles can be a great choice. They are naturally waterproof, durable and resilient, and they can also look incredible. But what are the effective tiling options for your kitchen splashback, and what type of tiles should you choose? What are the different options available?

What are the effective tiling options for your kitchen splashback?

So, how can you effectively tile your kitchen splashback? Well, here are some of the most popular tiling ideas for your kitchen splashback:

  • Grid tiling- using small square tiles arranged in a grid is a popular choice for both contemporary and traditional kitchens. You can opt for tiles that are all one colour, and use a contrasting grout colour to help create a visual feature. Or you can use different coloured tiles to create a more contemporary, or a more traditional style, depending on the colour choices you make.
  • Hexagonal tiling- by using hexagonal tiles you can create a stylish and attractive visual feature. This is more appropriate for contemporary homes, rather than traditional or rustic spaces.
  • Subway tiling- using subway tiles for your splashback can help to create an interesting visual effect. Whether you opt for vertical straight lay, horizontal brick bond, or something more complicated, like herringbone tiling, subway tiles can be very effective. And these can suit both contemporary and traditional kitchens.
  • Patterned tiles- using patterned tiles for your kitchen splashback can be very effective. These can be abstract, or geometric, or more traditional in style. Either way, the pattern can add a layer of detail and interest to your tiled kitchen.

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