Tiling layout options for stone effect floor tiles

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Stone effect floor tiles are a stylish and popular option for contemporary and traditional properties alike. These are tiles that are designed to have the visual appearance and texture of stone, but with improved waterproof and durability features. This means less maintenance for you. The tiling layout you choose for these tiles can make a big difference to the overall feel of your space, and capture the design or style more effectively. But what are the different tiling layout options for stone effect floor tiles? Well, here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts, and we have something to suit every property, domestic and commercial, as well as every budget. And this is our guide to everything you should know about the different layout choices for stone effect floor tiling.

What are the most effective tiling layout options for stone effect floor tiles?

Stone effect floor tiles are a stunning addition to any home. But what kind of tiling layout can help you get the most from these tiles? Well, there are several effective options, including:

  • Straight lay tiling- when using rectangular or square stone effect tiling, straight lay tiling can be a very effective option. With square tiling, this will create a grid layout that can suit all manner of properties. With over-sized rectangular stone effect floor tiles, you can create flooring that looks like it was tailor made just for your home.
  • Brick bond layout- with smaller tiles for walls or floors, the brick bond layout can be very beneficial. This involves laying the tiles in a brick bond pattern, with the centre of the tile above perfectly positioned over the centre of the join of two tiles below. This can add character to your tiling, and more personality than simple straight lay tiling. You can even emphasize the pattern with a contrasting grout colour.
  • Versailles tiling layout- if you want a tiling layout that will be sure to catch attention, and add visual complexity to your room, the Versailles tiling layout can be perfect. This is a timeless, classic tiling layout that is equally at home in a contemporary or a traditional setting. The tiles are arranged in a unique layout, with different sized tiles tessellating in a repeated pattern.

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