Tiling layouts for contemporary spaces


When tiling your home or property, one of your first considerations will be to ensure that your tiling matches the design and style you are intending to create. For traditional properties, choosing tiles that reflect this will be essential. And the same can also be said for contemporary homes. But beyond the tile colour, shape and style, the tile layout itself can make a big difference to the overall effect of the tiling. So, what are the effective and popular tiling layouts for contemporary spaces? And what kind of tiling layout should you choose for a contemporary finish?

What are the most effective tiling layouts for contemporary spaces?

Different tiling layouts can be very effective for creating different effects. Even the same tiles, when installed in a different layout, can become more contemporary, or more traditional, depending on the layout itself. So, which types of tiling layouts should you go for, to create a stunning, contemporary space? Well, there are several that can be very effective, including:

  • The grid tiling layout
  • The honeycomb layout
  • The vertical layout

The grid tiling layout for contemporary spaces

Perfect for contemporary spaces, and square tiles, the grid tiling layout is simple and understated. There are no surprised with this tiling layout, and the design does not use intricate details or effects to create a visual pattern. Having said that, if you want to make a tiling feature you could consider alternating colours, or using a contrasting grout colour.

The honeycomb layout for contemporary spaces

This tiling layout is created naturally by using tiles that are hexagonal in shape, instead of square or rectangular. This creates a stylish, modern look, using a tiling layout that is simple, but striking.

The vertical layout for contemporary spaces

Using rectangular tiles, and applying them in a vertical layout, rather than a horizontal layout, is a great way to create an interesting visual feature in any contemporary space.

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