Tiling layouts for the hallway


Hallway tiles were once the sole domain of Victorian and period properties with a traditional theme. But this is no longer the case. From natural stone and wood effect tiles, to hexagonal tiles shaped to impress, tiling in the hallway can be the perfect option for any home. Contemporary or classic. And here at Tiles 2 Go, we have seen an increase in the number of hallways being tiled. As Preston’s leading tiling experts, we always stay on top of latest trends, and this is our guide to tiling layouts for the hallway.


The herringbone pattern

When tiling your hallway floor, the herringbone pattern can be a fantastic choice. Understated and subtle, this simple tiling pattern is perfect for both the traditional home and the contemporary home. To achieve this, simply turn a rectangular tile 45 or 90 degrees, and lay the tiles at this angle.

Not only is this tiling pattern interesting, it also has hidden benefits. For example, this tiling layout draws the eye to the sides of the room, which can make a narrow hallway feel wider than it really is.

And if you want to make your tiling really stand out, use a contrasting grout colour to accentuate the tiles themselves, and really make your tiling pattern pop.

Honeycomb tiling

Using hexagonal tiles for either the floor or the walls of your hallway can be a great idea. And it can be used to great effect in both traditional homes, and contemporary homes, as long as you choose the right colours.

Large format, hexagonal floor tiles can be a great way to tile a hallway floor, and add character to your property. In fact, you can use stone effect, or timber effect, hexagonal tiles to add further depth to this tiling pattern.

If you want to make the most of your hallway walls, why not pair hexagonal tiles with some dramatic wallpaper for a truly awe-inspiring effect?

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