Tiling mood-boards for bathroom projects

Choosing bathroom tiles can be a challenge. Your tiles need to fit with the style and feel of your home overall. So how do you know where to start? Here at Tiles 2 Go we have a wealth of tiling experience. We think that tiling mood-boards can really increase your chances of tiling success. As a result, we have produced this guide to producing a tiling mood-board.

What is a mood-board?

Collecting ideas and pooling them into one visual representation creates a mood-board. Tiling mood-boards can include inspiration for:

  • Tile Colour combinations
  • Patterned tiles
  • Tile layouts
  • Tile texture
  • Mosaic ideas
  • Tiling features
  • Bathroom layout
  • Accessory ideas

tiling mood-boards

Why is a tiling mood-board helpful?

Creating a mood-board can help you to visualize how your bathroom tiling will look. This makes it a really good place to begin planning any renovation project, especially tiling. You can modify and make changes to small aspects of your tiling ideas, before even hitting the shops. This will save you time and money by preventing you from buying tiles that just don’t fit. In addition, you can make sure your bathroom tiling will fit the theme of your whole home, before you begin your project.

How to create a mood-board?

From a simple google search, to your favourite tiling blog, images and pictures of different tiling projects can be used on a mood-board. In addition, you can visit your favourite tiling stockist and get samples of colours or textures that appeal to you.

In summary

Mood-boards can be extremely helpful for providing inspiration for your tiling projects. Covering everything from colour to layout, pattern to texture, visualizing these choices on a mood-board is a must. In addition, a mood-board will save you time and money throughout your tiling project. For all your tiling needs, contact us at Tiles 2 Go today.