Tiling choices for an effective shower feature

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If you want to accentuate your shower, whether its a walk in shower, or a shower enclosure, tiling can provide the most effective solution. The right tiles can really help draw attention to this part of your bathroom, and also add character, style and personality to your home. But what are the tiling choices for an effective shower feature, and which type of tiles should you choose?

What are the effective tiling choices for an effective shower feature?

There are several different and effective options for creating a stunning tiling feature in the shower enclosure or space. These include:

  • Using grid tiles – the grid tiling layout simply involves using square tiles in a straight lay design, with the grout lines creating a grid like layout effect. This can be an incredibly simple way to create a stunning feature, especially with the right balance of colour. You can consider using contrasting tiling colours to draw attention to the tiling, or you can you use more subtle colour changes to create an effective gradient. You could also use a different colour grout to really draw attention to the tiles.
  • Using subway tiles- subway tiles bring all the advantages of grid tiling, but as these are rectangular instead of square, they can be installed either vertically or horizontally. There are also a number of unique and interesting tiling layouts that can be achieved with subway tiles, including herringbone tiling layouts and basket weave tiling too. This can add a level of detail or intricacy to your bathroom that can be incredibly effective for both contemporary and traditional tiling.
  • Using patterned tiles- Patterned tiles can also be effective for creating a feature around your shower. These are often more suited to traditional bathrooms, but some geometric and abstract patterned tiles can be a good match for a contemporary bathroom too.

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