Tiling patterns for any space


Tiling is the most popular option for kitchen and bathroom walls and floors. But how can you make your tiling stand out from the crowd? This is where tiling patterns or layout choices become important. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we have over 25 years of experience in tiling. As a result, we have become experts on tiling. This is our guide to help you choose tiling patterns for any space.

Why use patterns?

Unique tile patterns or an interesting layout add character and personality to your room. Straight lay tiling doesn’t have to be your only option. Instead there are a range of tiling patterns and layout options available. These different layouts or patterns can transform a room, but they are suited to particular spaces. Choose tiling patterns for any space with our handy guide.

Tiling Patterns For any Space:

Bathroom walls

  • The herringbone pattern Rotating a common subway tile by a 45 or a 90 degree angle creates the herringbone tile pattern or layout. This can be laid as a repeating v shape, or more unusually, a z shape. You can even use a specific grout colour to really enhance the pattern. As a result, smaller bathroom walls feel wider, and the tiling pattern creates a sophisticated and unique tiling feature.
  • The diagonal If you have chosen square tiles, you could opt for the traditional, straight lay. But why not add some personality by rotating the tile at a 45 degree angle. This creates a diagonal tile layout that can add width to smaller bathroom walls, drawing the eye to the corners of the diagonal.

Kitchen walls

  • The brick bond pattern This is a timeless and classic tiling layout for kitchen splash-backs. Although it is quite traditional, more and more people are opting for simple straight lay patterns. As a result your brick bond pattern will add a touch of sophisticated elegance. Use a complimentary or contrasting grout colour to make your pattern stand out.
  • Portrait tiles Laying your rectangular tiles with the long side horizontal is common practice. However, you can make a real statement by opting to “stand up” the rectangular tiles. By rotating them so that the short side is horizontal, your kitchen walls will become a stunning visual feature.

In summary

Tiling patterns for any space can create a stunning feature. Try and match your tiling patterns to the space, and use grout colours to help enhance the layout chosen. Why not check out our range of tiles today, at Tiles 2 Go?