Tiling to emphasise a country style kitchen

Tiling plays an important role for any country style kitchen, as this can capture the warmth and charm of this interior design style. But what are the effective options when tiling to emphasise a country style kitchen? And how can you be sure to achieve the right results?

What are the effective options when tiling to emphasise a country style kitchen?

There are a number of different and effective tiling options to consider when you want to emphasise the style and design of your country style kitchen. These include:

  • The tones and textures of the tiles
  • The colours and patterns
  • The tiling layout 

Choosing the right tones and textures 

For any country style kitchen, texture and tone are important factors to consider. This is because country style interior design has a clear connection to nature, often using timber or stone as feature points, and using earthy, natural colours to decorate. These are formulas that should be followed when choosing the tiles, with timber or stone effect tiling being incredibly visually striking, while emphasising the overall design scheme. Timber and stone effect floor tiles for example, can look identical to the real thing, but tiles here offer increased practicality including being naturally water resistant, durable, and easy to maintain.

The colours and patterns 

As well as the tones and textures, the colours and patterns you choose for your tiling can also be essential for emphasising the country style theme. 

When selecting colours, muted and natural shades can be the perfect choice for a country kitchen ambiance. Soft creams, subtle greens, or warm browns can provide a soothing backdrop, and these can work well with wooden and stone elements. 

The tiling layout for a country style kitchen

The layout of the tiles is equally crucial. Herringbone patterns or brick-style layouts can evoke a sense of tradition, echoing the craftsmanship found in classic country homes. An intricate backsplash with patterned or hand-painted tiles can become a focal point, and this can add personality and character into the kitchen, while maintaining a connection to the country style theme.

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