Tips for Patterned Tiles

When people think of patterned tiles, traditional kitchens and out of date bathrooms first spring to mind. Patterning on tiles is outside the realm of simple, modern design, or so most people think. Here at Tiles 2 Go we have seen tiling trends emerge and disappear only to emerge again, and patterned tiles are no exception to this rule. This is our guide to patterned tiles.

Patterned Tiles in the Kitchen

Patterned tiles don’t have to be old fashioned. A modern, simple, white kitchen can be enhanced by a charcoal or grey patterned tile used to create the splashback or a kitchen feature. This creates a stunning effect with the classic white tiles and draws the eye to the pattern making it a key feature or talking point, and giving your kitchen a unique finish.

Patterned Tiles in the Bathroom

Patterned tiles in a modern kitchen are not the only potential use. Using patterned floor tiles in a modern bathroom can enhance the aesthetic appeal of clean, one colour tiles and add a dynamic approach to floor tiling. The same can be said for wall tiles that are patterned within a shower cubicle or quadrant. This gives the best effect when the patterned tiles match the colours of the bathroom as a whole.

Choosing a Pattern

When choosing patterned tiles people tend to base their decision on colour, after all a colour that doesn’t enhance your kitchen or bathroom, or a colour that doesn’t improve your colour scheme, is not going to be a good investment. However, the pattern itself should not be overlooked. For example, here at Tiles 2 Go we stock the Nikea range, which are available in both coloured and grey patterns, with each colour boasting its own pattern design. Your own personal taste and preference at this stage can help you choose between the two different patterns, but so can your circumstances. If you are renovating a property for resale or rent, the pattern that is less obtrusive or obvious would be the best choice, in this case the Nikea Gloss or Matt grey floor and wall tiles would help add character and depth, while still helping the room to be viewed as a blank canvas for potential clients. However, the Nikea Gloss or Matt multi-coloured floor and wall tiles make use of colourful patterns with bold lines and striking design, and these tiles can be used to create a stunning focal point, especially when decorating your own home.


Don’t overlook the patterned tile as out of style or out of date as there are many ways to incorporate patterned tiles into a modern room. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we have a range of tiling options to suit any taste or style. Take a look today.