Top Bathroom Backsplash Ideas

Bathroom backsplash zones above the bath or around the sink provide a fantastic opportunity to showcase your design skills. These areas can break up the colour scheme, making a visually appealing and interesting room. But how can you make your bathroom really stand out? Here at Tiles 2 Go, we have over 25 years of experience, and this is our guide to great backsplash ideas.


Backsplash zones are the perfect area to experiment with shaped tiles in your bathroom. Confined to the particular zone, backsplash tiles are already intended to create a feature, but with unusual shaped tiles, you can almost guarantee it. Shaped tiles such as hexagons and triangles are the perfect way to create an interesting and unique space.

Subway Tiles

Always popular, the subway tile is a great way to keep your backsplash simple and minimalistic. This is perfect for modern and contemporary bathrooms with smooth finishes and clean edges. Using a contrasting grout can really make your subway tiles stand out, creating a stunning feature wall. On the other hand, a complimentary grout colour can give the impression of a larger space.


Bold, bright or contrasting, coloured tiles add an extra depth to your bathroom. The perfect opportunity to express your individuality, coloured backsplash areas make for fantastic features in any bathroom. Coloured tiles vary from bright to pastel, and patterned to plain, but all can be used, depending on the design as a whole. Tiles in various shades of the same colour can create an amazing fade effect, while tiles in contrasting colours, like black and white, can appear elegant and sophisticated.

backsplash tiles

In summary

Whatever your bathroom dreams, a tiled backsplash area is a perfect way to create a feature and make your bathroom interesting. Shaped tiles, subway tiles or coloured tiles, can all provide a personal and unique bathroom backsplash. Why not take a look at our range of tiles today?