Why should you choose hexagonal wall tiles?


Choosing the right wall tiles for any room can have a big impact on the visual effect and style of the space, and can help to transform your property. Shaped wall tiles are becoming increasingly popular, including hexagonal tiles. But why should you choose hexagonal wall tiles? And what are the benefits of this?

Why should you choose hexagonal wall tiles?

So why are hexagonal wall tiles so popular? And why should you choose them? Well, there are a number of reasons, including:

  • Creating a stunning feature wall- hexagonal tiles combine together to create a dramatic visual effect with a honeycomb pattern. Whether you opt for patterned tiles, timber effect, stone effect or plain, you can be sure of creating the perfect effect for your property.
  • Suitable for traditional and contemporary styles- hexagonal wall tiling can suit both contemporary and traditional properties depending on which type or style of tiles you choose, as well as which colour. This flexible design allows hexagonal wall tiling to shine in any type of property.
  • Natural effect- for properties where the natural touch is appreciated, hexagonal tiles can be the perfect choice. This is because they are available in both stone effect and timber effect. This means they have the same visual texture and feel as the natural materials, but they are more hard-wearing, more resilient, and need less maintenance.
  • Tiling patterns- hexagonal tiles can be plain, or they can be patterned. But even if you select plain hexagonal tiling, this can still create an attractive tiling pattern. Simply opt for an alternative or contrasting grout colour, as this will emphasize the hexagonal shape, creating a honeycomb pattern. As a result, there are a number of different ways to create an effective tiling pattern using hexagonal tiles, depending on your preference.

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