Top trends in tiles


Trends in tiles, as in all aspects of the home, as constantly changing and evolving. But don’t worry, we at Tiles 2 Go can help you stay up to date with the latest developments. These include:

Wood effect tiles

Timeless and classy, wood has been used in the home for centuries, but it’s not without it’s problems.

Unfortunately, over time wood is prone to rot in damp conditions, or else be attacked by woodworm. This means its use in the kitchen or bathroom is generally impractical and potentially un-hygienic due to its porous nature. All that is about to change. Porcelain tiles designed to look like wood are hardwearing, impervious to water and increasingly resistant to wear and tear. With wood effect tiles you can decorate your kitchen and bathroom without worrying about leaks or water damage from wooden floors, while still enjoying that wooden appearance.

Extra large tiles

With consumers currently enjoying the appearance of wider and longer laminate or hard wood pieces, it is no surprise that tiles are following suit. Extra large tiles are available which means fewer grout lines to clean, but it also is visually very appealing. These extra large tiles are suitable for both floor and walls and can make any space look great and contemporary.

Unusual shapes

Tiles of unusual shapes are not a new thing, but the resurgence of them is. Hexagons, pentagons and octagons are all being seen throughout fashionable homes as the latest in modern trends. These are being seen both outside and inside the home and can really make a difference to the space. These tiles work well in a bold colour when offset with either black or white for a fun and interesting finish.

To summarise, there are a variety of latest trends in tiles, so if you are thinking of renovating or redecorating, why not try something new? View our latest range of tiles today.