Updating your bathroom with black tiles

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Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. From contemporary tiles to traditional, patterned and textured to plain and glossy, we stock a range of tiles suitable for a variety of tiling projects. In line with the increasing popularity of black tile colours, we recently discussed the considerations to bear in mind when choosing black floor tiles. But what are the effective options for updating your bathroom with black tiles? And how can you be sure to achieve the right results?

What are the effective options for updating your bathroom with black tiles?

There are a number of effective options to choose from when you are thinking about updating your bathroom. Using black tiles can create a bold statement that will totally transform any space, including the bathroom. But how can black tiles be used to update or refresh your bathroom space? Well, there are several different options including:

  • Choosing black patterned tiles
  • Choosing black and white floor tiles
  • Choosing black tiles for small areas

Using black patterned tiles to update the bathroom

Black patterned tiles are some of the most effective for any space. These can combine the darker tones with accented lighter tones to create a striking effect. In small spaces, black tiles can make the area feel smaller and darker than it really is, but using black patterned tiles can prevent this from becoming overwhelming, thanks to the lighter tones used throughout. This ensures a stylish and effective finish. Black patterned tiles are also available in a range of styles to suit the most contemporary to the most traditional bathroom.

Using black and white floor tiles to update the bathroom

Black and white floor tiles have long been popular. From checkerboard tiling to black and white patterned tiles, to natural stone and mineral effect tiles, there are a wide range of effective and different options available, which can complement any interior design style. These can even be used in specific places like around the shower or bath, or as border tiles for the bathroom floor space.

Using black tiles for small bathroom areas

In smaller areas like the splashback zone or for the shower enclosure, using black tiles can help to create a focal point and a point of visual interest. From subway tiles to hexagonal tiles there are a number of effective options for using black tiles in this way in the bathroom.

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