Using border tiles in the hallway

When it comes to hallway tiling, you can afford to make bolder style choices. Not only is the hallway usually separated from the main areas in the home, but it is also the first place that guests and visitors will be welcomed into. This means that you can use the hallway to make a positive impression, and really WOW your guests. And one way to achieve this is by using border tiles. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. And we have produced this guide to using border tiles in the hallway.

Border tiles as floor tiles

The hallway flooring is often long and narrow. And you can make this feel wider by laying your ties in a herringbone layout. This will draw the eye to the diagonals of the tiles, and towards the very edges of the floor. But using border tiles around the edge of the hallway flooring can also be very effective. Especially if you choose a tile colour that contrasts with the rest of the floor tiles, and really stands out. This can be a bold statement, so if you would like something more subtle, why not use a complementary colour? Or even tiles in monochrome? That way, your tiling will be perfect for both traditional and contemporary homes.

Border tiles as wall tiles

When it comes to tiling the hallways walls, you have a lot more choice. Mainly because you have a lot more space to work with. As a result, you can use border tiles wither horizontally around the centre of the space, or vertically at different intervals around the room. Either way, the border tiles will break up the majority of the colour and add character and depth to your hallway. You should choose a complementary colour, if you want your border tiles to blend in and be more subtle, or a contrasting colour to really make a statement.

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