When it comes to tiling your new kitchen effectively, you might be considering a range of tiling colour, style and layout options. And whatever you choose, your tiles will need to compliment the style of the room you wish to create, and the rest of your kitchen design. Using subway tiles in a brick bond layout is a tiling option that can be perfect for both traditional and contemporary kitchens, when used the right way. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. We offer a range of tiles and tiling services to suit any project, and any budget. And this is our guide to using brick bond tiling in the kitchen.

Using brick bond tiling in the kitchen

Brick bond tiling is a tiling layout that involves using subway tiles laid horizontally, or vertically, in a brick bond pattern. This can create a stunning visual effect in the kitchen, so why not consider:

  • Using alternating colours- Instead of using the same colour tiles for each row, why not alternate? Whether you opt for classic black and white, or white with blue, grey or red, you could create an attractive tiling feature, for any kitchen. This can work well in both traditional or contemporary kitchens, but you should use only the colours that compliment or match your colour scheme.
  • Creating a splashback- this type of tiling layout can be an effective splashback option. Especially for contemporary kitchens where the tiling pattern follows the straight edge, simple design of the rest of the kitchen, and the colours add a modern, contemporary edge. This can help turn your splashback into an attractive tiling feature.
  • Use vertical brick bond tiling- when people think of brick bond tiling, they generally think of a horizontal tiling layout. But with vertical brick bond tiling, you can create something equally as effective, and add character and personality to your kitchen.

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