Using chevron tiles effectively

Floor tiling can have a big impact on any space, and using tiling layouts can help to create a stunning visual feature. Chevron tiles have long been popular for this, but what are chevron tiles and how can these be used effectively? Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling professionals, and this is our guide to everything you should know about chevron tiles.

What are chevron tiles?

Chevron tiles are a type of parquet flooring that involve using rectangular tile pieces to slot together at an angle to create a chevron pattern. This is similar to a herringbone pattern, but with chevron tiles the tiles are cut into shape and slot together at an angle, unlike herringbone patterns which leave the top edge overlapped at the top.

What are the considerations for using chevron tiles effectively?

There are a number of considerations to bear in mind when using chevron tiles in any space, if you want to to achieve the right result, and these include:  

  • Using wood effect tiles– for the biggest visual impact wood effect chevron tiles can be the most effective. These will mirror the original wooden style of parquet flooring and help to make sure that your design style early stands out. This can be an effective alternative for hardwood flooring, or for laminate flooring, for any open plan living space, kitchen or bathroom.
  • Embrace the traditional- for period properties or for those that want to embrace more traditional style and design, chevron tiling can be the perfect solution. This is neat and elegant, and can be paired with classic furniture and colours for the perfect result.
  • Combining styles- while chevron tiling is timeless and classic, it is more closely associated with traditional properties. You can give your room a twist by combining chevron tiling with modern or contemporary styles for a highly effective and stylish space.

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