Using dark tiles in the kitchen

When it comes to tiling your kitchen, bathroom, hallway or conservatory, one thing you are often told NOT to do, is to use dark tiles. Dark tiles can make a room feel dingy, small or, just too dark. But this isn’t always the case. In fact, dark tiles don’t have to be solely black, they can be deep green or deep blue. But black tiles don’t have to be bad. In contrast, they can add sophistication, elegance and class to any kitchen. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. And we have produced this guide to using dark tiles in the kitchen.

Floor tiles

One of the most common methods of using dark tiles in the kitchen is to choose dark floor tiles.

When it comes to your kitchen floor tiles, it is often a lot more practical to install a darker tile colour. Whether it’s muddy shoes from the garden, or spillages from cooking, darker tiles are less likely to become stained than lighter tiles. Deep greys can be a perfect choice, as while this is not as dark as pure black, it is still a deep, rich colour.

In addition, darker floor tiles can add the perfect contrast to the white kitchen cabinets many homeowners opt for. So whether your kitchen is ultra contemporary, with white gloss cabinets, or traditional, a darker floor tile can be a real feature, offsetting the pale cabinets.

Wall tiles

If you want to use dark tiles for your kitchen walls, it is important not to overdo it. While black tiles can be a stunning contrast to your white cabinets, a kitchen tiled solely in black is likely to look dark, no matter how large it is. Although the effect will be worse in a smaller kitchen. But this doesnt mean that you should avoid them completely. In fact, using black, dark green, or deep blue wall tiles can be very effective. Especially for a feature wall or splash back area. This will draw attention to the bold, deep colours and add a real feature to your kitchen.

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