Effective options for hexagonal kitchen tiling


Tiling your kitchen can be a very practical step, creating a waterproof, durable and resilient floor or wall covering. But in the kitchen, tiles aren’t just practical. Tiles can also add personality, character and style to your kitchen too. So what type of tiles should you choose? Well the tile colour, pattern, and shape are all essential considerations, and for many homes, hexagonal tiling can be the perfect choice. But how can you make the most out of your hexagonal tiles? Well, here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling professionals, and this is our guide to everything you should consider when using hexagonal tiles in the kitchen.

What are the effective options for hexagonal kitchen tiling?

So, how can you make sure your hexagonal tiling has the desired effect? Well, there are a number of effective ways to use hexagonal tiles, including:

  • Hexagonal floor tiles- the unusual shape of the hexagon tiles can really make a feature out of your kitchen floor. And this style can be effective for traditional kitchens, using patterned tiles, as well as contemporary kitchens with a neutral colour theme. You could even consider blending the checkerboard tiling layout, with this one, by alternating contrasting white and black hexagonal tiles for a deep, rich style.
  • Feature wall- To create a stunning tiling feature, you need the right tiling layout, the right tile colours, and a little bit of imagination. Hexagonal tiles can help you unlock all three aspects so that your feature wall really stands out. Why not alternate between patterned hexagonal tiles and plain ones, or use a contrasting grout colour to really emphasize the shape of the tiles?
  • Splashback- a splash-back area is just like a feature wall, except on a smaller scale. For this you could consider small format hexagonal tiles, to create a more intricate and detailed tiling effect.

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