Metro wall tiling layouts for the kitchen

Herringbone tiling

One of the most popular tile choices for any room, the metro tile, or the subway tile, has truly stood the test of time. Practical and stylish, the metro tile can suit a range of home styles, from the most traditional, to the most contemporary. And here at Tiles 2 Go, we are big fans of the metro tile. As a result, we have produced this guide to the different layouts that can be very effective in the kitchen.

What are the effective metro wall tiling layouts for the kitchen?

Metro tiles offer a wide range of design and tiling layout options. And this can be a fantastic way to add a personal twist to your kitchen walls or floors. Some of the possible tiling layouts include:

  • Straight lay- as simple as this tiling layout is, it can make a statement in your kitchen. For example, using a straight lay tiling layout, with a contrasting grout colour, can be a fantastic tiling feature. However, if you want your tiles to blend in, and form a background for another feature, straight lay tiling with metro tiles can be very effective. To create this effect, simply align the metro tiles next to one another, either horizontally or vertically.
  • The brick bond tiling layout- by laying two tiles, and a third directly above the middle of the first two tiles, you can create a brick bond tiling layout. This mirrors the way brick walls are built and can be a very effective, and stylish tiling layout option.
  • The herringbone tiling layout- turning the rectangular metro tiles on a 45 degree angle, and laying the tiles in a repeating V shape is known as the herringbone tiling layout. This really adds character to a wall or floor and can be very effective. You can also use a contrasting grout colour to draw attention to the tiling pattern, and make it stand out further.

Using metro tiles in the kitchen

If you want to use metro tiles to make a statement in your kitchen, you can. Why not:

  • use a vertical, straight lay tiling layout to create a splashback area? Perfect for both contemporary and traditional kitchens, you can personalize this with coloured tiles, and grout colours to make as much, or as little, of a visual impact as you would like.
  • create a feature wall using the herringbone tiling layout? More interesting than straight lay, the herringbone tiling layout can add visual interest to your feature wall, without being overbearing.

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