Using patterned tiles in the shower


Patterned tiles add style, character and personality to any space. In the bathroom, these are frequently used in the shower enclosure. But what are the considerations for using patterned tiles in the shower? And how can you make sure you achieve the best results? Well, here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling professionals. We provide a wide range of tiles and supplies, in a range of styles and designs, that are perfect for a variety of homes.

What are the important considerations when using patterned tiles in the shower?

To make sure your patterned tiles achieve the best visual results in the shower enclosure, you should consider:

  • The tiling colour and colour scheme
  • The pattern design

Patterned tiling colour for the shower

Patterned tiles in the shower enclosure can either be designed to stand out from the rest of the space, or to be more subtle. But either way, these tiles need to complement or match the colour scheme used throughout the bathroom. You could consider:

  • pairing a plain white bathroom suit with blue, green or even orange patterned tiles. This would draw attention to your sower enclosure and create a visual feature and focal point.
  • pairing blue or grey bathroom suites with patterned tiles of the same colour. In this instance, the pattern itself creates contrast, and the visual effect is more subtle.
  • pairing black and white tiles to create a stunning monochrome bathroom space

Patterned tiling design for the shower

When choosing any tiles for the bathroom, these need to fit with the overall design theme. and so do your patterned tiles. You should consider:

  • using floral, geometric, traditional patterns for traditional bathrooms
  • using abstract and abstract geometric patterns for contemporary bathrooms.

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