Using pink tiles for a vintage bathroom 

Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling professionals. From floor tiles to wall tiles, tiling features to tiled wetrooms, we have something to suit every room, and every home. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about creating a vintage bathroom space with pink tiles.

What are the effective options when using pink tiles for a vintage bathroom?

If you are creating a vintage style bathroom, pink tiles can be very effective. Different shades of pink are suitable, from pastels to richer or salmon tones. Pink tiles were a popular bathroom trend in the past, and this can help give your vintage bathroom design the visual edge. But how should the pink tiles be used for maximum effect? Well there are several options including:

  • Using pink subway tiles for splashback areas- splashback areas are small spaces in the bathroom but they can make creative and striking visual features. In a vintage bathroom, pink subway tiles around the sink can help to create a focal point and really emphasise your vintage interior design style.
  • Using square pink tiles for wall tiling- to cover a larger area of your vintage bathroom with pink tiles you could consider using square pink tiles. This can be quite overwhelming however, so for a more subtle effect you could opt for pink square tiles for the lower part of the walls with a border separating these from the white or cream tiles above. This would still complement the vintage design trend without overpowering the bathroom space.
  • Using hexagonal pink tiles for a vintage modern hybrid- if you want to create a more hybrid effect, combining vintage and modern tiling effects you could opt for pink coloured hexagonal tiling for a striking visual effect and an interesting tiling pattern.

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