Effective options for using square tiles

Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. We help homeowners and property developers across the North West find the perfect tiles for their tiling project, and keep up to date with the latest tiling trends and developments. This includes those specifically for square tiles. So if you are thinking of using square tiles for your bathroom or kitchen, hallway or conservatory, what do you need to consider? Well, this is our guide to the effective options for using square tiles.

What are the effective options for using square tiles?

Square tiles are the most common type of tiles to be used throughout homes. Simple and versatile, the square tile can be used to provide the plainest background, or used to create a stunning feature wall. So how should you use square tiles for your project? Well, here are some key ideas:

  • Straight lay- Suitable for both contemporary and traditional homes, straight lay tiling can be very effective. This is the simplest method of using square tiles, and they are simply applied next to one another and directly above one another. You could use a different grout colour to really make the tiles stand out.
  • Checkerboard tiling- for more traditional homes, or country style kitchens, checkerboard tiling could be a great option. The effect is created by laying different coloured tiles, alternately, next to one another, just like a checkerboard. This can even be a good feature in a contemporary home, as long as you use the right colours.
  • Diagonal tiling- perfect for any home, diagonal tiling can be used either to create a feature, or to blend in. It is the same as straight lay tiling, but is more visually interesting, because the tiles are tilted to a 45 degree angle.

The size of the tiles

The size of your square tiles should be relevant to the size of the space you are tiling. Oversized squares can be very effective for floors and walls in kitchens and bathrooms, as long as they are used in a medium to large space. Small square tiles can be used to create a stunning feature wall, or point of interest, in any room.

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