Choosing stone effect floor tiles for the kitchen

Natural stone and timber remain incredibly popular for homes across the UK. However, they are both expensive flooring options, and can require a lot of maintenance. From sealing to polishing, natural flooring options can be a challenge to maintain. However, stone effect tiles can look just as effective as the real thing, without the commitment to maintenance. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts, and we think that stone effect tiles are a great option. As a result, this is our guide to choosing stone effect floor tiles for the kitchen.

Choosing stone effect floor tiles for the kitchen

Stone effect tiles make an exceptional flooring option, especially for kitchens, as they work so well with both classic and contemporary kitchen design. They can be warming and welcoming, even in the most clinical of contemporary kitchens, and yet they bring a sense of modernity to more traditional kitchen designs.

Choosing the colour

The key aspect you need to get right for your stone effect kitchen floor tiles is colour. Stone effect floor tiles are available in a range of colours. These include:

⦁ blues
⦁ greys
⦁ beiges
⦁ browns
⦁ creams

As a result, you need to choose the colour that will match your kitchen colour scheme, as well as your overall design.

For example, in a contemporary kitchen with a lot of white or black, grey stone effect tiles can be an incredible flooring option. They will simply add a little bit of warmth to the sleek, smooth design, and inject some personality.

On the other hand, in a classic kitchen, the beige or cream floor tiles can help to incorporate a natural stone effect into what might be a timber heavy kitchen design.

Choosing the size

Stone effect tiles are also available in a range of sizes. Large format stone effect tiles can be stunning and striking across a large kitchen floor, regardless of style. While small format stone effect tiles can be equally attractive, although they are better suited to smaller kitchen spaces.

Choosing the shape

When you think of tiles, you probably think of a rectangular or square tile. But tiles are also available in a range of shapes, including hexagonal tiles. To add a blend of personality and character to your contemporary kitchen, hexagonal tiling is the perfect option.

For more information or advice, or to choose your stone effect floor tiles, why not take a look at what we have to offer here at Tiles 2 Go?