Using tiles and wallpaper

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Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tile experts. So whether it’s your bathroom, kitchen, hallway or conservatory, we have the tiles for you. And while tiling might be our area of expertise, we also know how to pair it with other mediums. This includes wallpaper. But where can tiles and wallpaper be combined? And are there are any rules for using tiles and wallpaper together?

Why use tiles and wallpaper together?

Combining these two wall options might seem absurd, but the results can be incredible. Vibrant and eye-catching, you can mix plain tiles, with bold wallpaper for an impressive look. Or why not go for patterned tiles and plain wallpaper? Whatever you decide the results can be stunning.

In addition, if you initially wanted to wallpaper the whole area, you might find that it’s just too expensive for the luxurious wallpaper you had your heart set on. But pairing this wallpaper with tiles could be a lot more affordable.

Where to use tiles and wallpaper together?

To get the perfect outcome, you should consider where would be the best place to combine these two very different materials. Although it can be effective practically anywhere in the home, there are some considerations.

For example, in the kitchen or bathroom, where moisture can be an issue, you would need to choose special wallpaper designed for high moisture areas. And you might also want to plan your layout so that areas that will need a frequent wipe clean will be tiled and reachable.

Using tiles and wallpaper with style

While the style of your mixing and matching will be entirely personal preference, it can be a good idea to keep it simple. Use colours and patterns that can help create the sense of space and design that you want,  but it can help if you balance this with a more muted or plain style. For example, a very vibrant or heavily patterned wallpaper would be better suited to a plain tile. Otherwise it can look too busy.

If you are ready to begin your tiling, take a look at what we have to offer today, here at Tiles 2 Go.