Using triangular tiles in the kitchen

When it comes to tiling trends and the latest tiling developments, we are always up to date, here at Tiles 2 Go. And one of the biggest trends we have seen rise over the recent years, has been the use of shaped or geometric tiles. From pentagons and hexagons, to triangles, geometric tiles are rising in popularity, and are being used to stunning effect in a range of homes and settings. So, as Preston’s leading tiling experts, we have produced this guide to using triangular tiles in the kitchen.

Using triangular tiles in the kitchen

So why should triangular tiles be used in the kitchen, and what kind of kitchen would this tiling suit? Well, triangular tiling is a fantastic way to create a statement piece, or a feature, in any room in the home. But the kitchen is often the heart of innovation, and this means it is the perfect place for all types of geometric tiling, not just triangular tiling. This focus on the cutting edge, means that triangular tiles are probably best suited to contemporary kitchens, although they can be made to work in a traditional kitchen too.

Triangular tiling feature wall

A feature wall in a contemporary kitchen can add character and personality, to what can sometimes be a bland or clinical room. So using triangular tiles to create a feature, can add a stunning visual layer. However, these triangular tiles should fit with the overall theme, and be glossy, and colour matched. For your feature wall, the tiles can match your secondary or tertiary kitchen colour, and the tiles should provide a focal point, while not detracting from the style.

Triangular border tiles

Another option is to use triangular tiles as border tiles, throughout the whole kitchen, or as a feature wall. This can easily be achieved by placing two triangular tiles together to make a square or a rectangle, and use a row of these to run horizontally around the kitchen. As a result, this can be a subtle way to introduce triangular tiles, and add character to your kitchen.

If you are considering using triangular tiles in the kitchen, why not take a look at what we have to offer here at Tiles 2 Go?