Using square white tiles effectively

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When it comes to tiles, we are Preston’s leading experts, here at Tiles 2 Go. And we keep up to date with the latest tiling developments and trends, so that we can bring you the latest tile style. But some trends are timeless. And some tiles become a staple background choice for all kinds of rooms around the home. One such tile is the square white tile.

What are the considerations for using square white tiles effectively?

When it comes to square tiles in white, there are a number of things you can consider, including:

  • small format white square tiles
  • large format white square tiles
  • using border tiles

Small format white square wall tiles

Using square white tiles for wall tiles is a great option for either the bathroom or the kitchen. By choosing small format, white square tiles, you can create a splashback zone that adds interest to your room. Particularly if you use a contrasting grout colour to draw attention to the area and the tiles.  Alternatively, the white tiles can simply blend into the background, allowing the focus of the room to be drawn elsewhere.

In contemporary kitchens, with a high gloss finish, you should opt for high glass tiles to match. And pairing the white tiles with a dark kitchen cabinet, in aubergine or deep blue for example, can create a stunning end result.

Large format white square tiles

Large format square white tiles can be perfect for any bathroom or kitchen. Providing a blank canvas to create a neutral room, large format tiles have less grout lines, and less visual disruptions. This also means that less maintenance is necessary to keep the tiles, and your room, looking exceptional.

Using border tiles

To add interest and character to your space, you could consider using border tiles. These can either break up the repetition of the square white tiles, or you can use the white square tiles as a border, either horizontally or vertically.

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