Victorian themed tiling


While contemporary tiling is all the rage, its easy to neglect the classic and traditional tiling effects that came before. Even if your home is ultra-modern, you can still embrace the essence of more traditional tiling themes. Here at Tiles 2 Go in Preston, we are tiling experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to Victorian Themed Tiling.

Victorian themed tiling


Victorian tiling is quintessentially British, and can look stunning even in the most contemporary of homes. If you are trying to recapture the age and feel of a more traditional property, the Victorian and Edwardian patterns and geometry can really help.

Probably the most well known Victorian themed tiling pattern is the checkerboard design or the diagonal checkerboard. Often using rich terracotta’s, bold black, and a lighter yellow or beige, many of us probably remember the original tiles from re-flooring our properties, or from schools, churches, pubs or hospitals where these tiles have never needed to be fully replaced. This kind of pattern is exceptional for hallways and porches.

In addition, if you swap the colours out for greys and blues, you can create a fantastic Victorian tiling feature that has a more modern twist. This makes it perfect for more contemporary kitchens and bathrooms.

Another popular Victorian tiling pattern was the lattice arrangement. Again, this can also be applied diagonally to stunning effect. This has more detail than the checkerboard design, and as a result can be used on the floor, or to create an effective feature wall.

Patterned tiles

Since the popularity of the arts and crafts movement increased, with the fantastic tiles designed and produced by William Morris, patterned tiles became increasingly popular across Victorian England. These tiles used floral themes and geometry to create interesting visual effects when paired together. Another of the themes was the repeating pattern. We have found our Nikea Range to be incredibly effective at reproducing these key principles.

If you want to recreate Victorian themed tiling, why not take a look at our range of Victorian themed tiles today, here at Tiles 2 Go?