Wood effect tiles


Deciding on floor tiles can be a challenge with so much choice, especially here at Tiles 2 Go. Depending on what style or visual effect you are aiming to create, different tile types will be of interest to you, and at Tiles 2 Go we definitely have something for everyone, including the versatile wood-effect tiles.

Wood effect tiles have risen in popularity over recent years due to the range of benefits and advantages that accompany them, as well as the suitability to a range of environments and settings, including kitchens, bathrooms and hallways. You can create a stunning visual feature on the floor or the wall with wood effect tiles, and the style can suit a full range of modern to traditional homes.

Here are some great advantages for wood effect floor tiles.

Wood effect floor tiles in either ceramic or porcelain are very durable and are actually more hard wearing than any wooden flooring available, so with wood effect tiles you can enjoy the aesthetic appeal of wooden floors, while also knowing that they are long lasting and will not damage easily, be scratched or marked, or fade in the sunlight.

Being easy to clean and very simple to maintain, unlike a real hard wood floor, wood effect floor tiles make a great alternative to other wooden options.

Wood effect floor tiles are incredibly versatile. They come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours and this can all be used to the designer’s advantage. Being able to lay the floor tiles in any pattern, as you can with all tiles, means that your wood effect floor can be a lot more interesting and unique than traditional hard wood or laminate flooring. Herringbone, grid layout and brick bond are all popular pattern choices.

Wood effect floor tiles are much easier to replace than laminate or hard wood flooring, if a tile does become chipped or damaged. Although it is very unlikely to happen.

In summary, wooden effect tiles are becoming increasingly popular and can be used either on the floor or the walls of almost any room in the home. Wood effect floor tiles are durable, easy to clean, versatile and easily repaired or replaced. Why not check out our range of wood effect tiles today?