Making diagonal tiling layouts more visually interesting

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Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling professionals. From bathrooms and kitchens, to living rooms, hallways and conservatory’s, we have tiles to suit and complement any space. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about diagonal tiling layouts.

What are the different options for making diagonal tiling layouts more visually interesting?

Diagonal tiling layouts can be very effective for both floor and wall tiling, as well as for contemporary and traditional properties. But this can be a plain and simple tiling layout, unless you make some subtle changes to add visual interest. So what should you consider when adding interest to diagonal tiling layouts? Well, there are a range of options to add character, interest and fun to diagonal tiling in any space. These include:

  • Alternating tile colours- alternating the colour of the tiles used can be a good way to add interest to create a stunning and attractive tiling feature. Black and white alternating tiles can create a stunning checkerboard tiling feature for walls or floors, while using other tiling colours can help fit your design scheme.
  • Adding tile texture- if you dont want to alternate colours, you could consider adding tile texture. Using textured square tiles for diagonal tiling, or alternating between a textured tile and a plain tile, can both be good options for creating a tiling feature with character.
  • Using patterned tiles- diagonal tiling can also be improved by using patterned tiles. From floral patterns, to geometric, there are a range of patterned tiles that can be used to add character and style to any room. Using these patterned tiles at a diagonal angle, instead of simple straight lay, can be very effective.
  • Using a contrasting grout colour- when you use diagonal tiling, even in plain white, the diagonal shape creates interest. So you can enhance this further by using a contrasting grout colour to accentuate the shape and layout.

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