Advantages of Marble Tiles


When it comes to tiling your bathroom or kitchen, not only are there a range of practical considerations, but it is also important to consider the design and style of the tiles. From timber effect to stone effect, tiling can suit different spaces and be used to create a variety of styles. Marble tiles, and marble effect tiles are no exception. So how can you use marble tiles? And what are the advantages? Here at Tiles 2 Go we are Preston’s favourite tiling experts. As a result we have produced this guide to the advantages of marble tiles.

advantages of marble tiles


Marble tiles, or marble effect tiles, can be used in natural and neutral colours. This can suit both contemporary and traditional spaces. In addition, it can add a personalized flair without making a bold statement.


On the other hand, marble tiles can be used to add colour or contrast to a room. This can help you create a tiling border, pattern, or feature wall. As a result, marble tiles can be the perfect way to create a space that really wows.

Luxury and Elegance

For your bathroom or your kitchen, marble can really be the epitome of luxury. Lounging in a roll top bath surrounded with marble tiles in classic monochrome is almost glossy magazine territory. But marble tiles could totally revamp your bathroom space and allow you a little decadence.

Make a statement

If you opt for marble tiles, or a marble feature wall, the tiles can really steal the show. This is especially true when paired with simple or plain fittings and backdrops. As a result, you can create a splash-back or dramatic floor that really makes a statement.

In summary

There are many advantages of marble tiles including the natural appeal, the colour range, and the associated luxury. Why not take a look at our range of tiles today, here at Tiles 2 Go in Preston?